Last To Breathe Wins $10,000 (Game Master Mask Face Reveal)

Last To Breathe Wins $10,000 (Game Master Mask Face Reveal) on The

Shoutout to Carter Sharer who invented the Last To Breathe Challenge –

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After Rebecca Zamolo found Game master new mask! (hello neighbor in real life at spy hacker safe house), Matt and Rebecca went through the SPY HACKER’s CAMERA ROLL to Reveal his True Identity! (Game Master Challenge) the Real Game Master tried Rescuing Rocky from the Quadrant Hacker! (Game Master Network First Mission), we now need to find the remaining pieces to the mask. The Gamemaster left us a clue that we need to do the last to breathe wins $10,000. Hopefully the pool will be the location of the final pieces. We aren’t sure if he will take off his mask and do a face reveal or even take a lie detector test, but he needs our help. We split into teams and went to Walmart to find materials. The hackers have a mind control device that they are using for e3 so we need to stop them. Connor gets into an epic ninja battle and defeats the quadrant at beginning so we know we are safe. After searching for a while Matt and Rebecca were able to uncover the missing pieces at the bottom of the pool. Daniel said it is important so we need to help breathe and be the last one to find them. Hopefully there are no hackers around or this might turn into a 24 hour challenge overnight at 3am. Hopefully the zamfam completes this challenge. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family-friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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