IGNORING My HUSBAND For 24 HOURS to Go Through His CAMERA ROLL! (GM Challenge) | Rebecca Zamolo

IGNORING My HUSBAND For 24 HOURS to Go Through His CAMERA ROLL! (GM Challenge) | Rebecca Zamolo on The GameMaster.com

Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 hours ignoring her husband after we went through his camera roll!

After Rebecca Zamolo and Matt did a 24 hour challenge where we spent our time in the woods overnight surviving the wilderness we intercepted a very important computer piece to stop the red hood hacker at Vidcon & save youtube. Rebecca and Daniel really want to go though Matt’s camera roll but he is being very suspicious. Rebecca decides to trick Matt and pretend to ignore him for 24 hours in hopes the Game Master network will win & he will unlock his iPhone. While Matt tries to say sorry to his wife by buying her flowers, she ignores him and spills his coffee out. She surprises Daniel with a mystery gift that has her husband’s favorite football team jersey inside. At lunch at subway, Rebecca pretends Daniel is her boyfriend and they are a couple, making Matt eat alone. Finally, they must find the next computer device at the location of the secret meeting. Rebecca and Daniel start exploring, while Matt begins spying on the quadrant. They no longer have any spy gadgets or ninja gadgets after the EMP so they must only use their ninja skills. He tries to warn his friends but his text messages are ignored. Thankfully, Matt saves everyone and defeats the quadrant hackers in a battle royale while the 3 of them escape. When they arrive at home Rebecca reveals it was all a joke and Matt gets upset. They’re now allowed to go through his camera roll and find a mysterious video between him and the red hood. A sweet message follows explaining his plan and Rebecca forgives him. They go on the roof to confront him, but Matt is missing. Do you think Matt was trapped by the hackers or is he hypnotized again? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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