I Wrote a Song for Another Girl PRANK on my Wife! **BAD IDEA** Matt and Rebecca

I Wrote a Song for Another Girl PRANK on my Wife! **BAD IDEA** Matt and Rebecca on The GameMaster.com

After Rebecca Zamolo uploaded Sneaking into GAME MASTER Inc. Headquarters for 24 HOURS, RZ breaks into Matt and Rebecca’s house to give Matt a secret hidden message. He needs to write a song to perform at the Mirror Initiative. It sounds like a Prank when you hear it so hopefully we can hide this from Rebecca before she discovers it. Rebecca goes to the store to get food for Thanksgiving but sees Agent S from the GMI. This could be a trap. She invites him over for Thanksgiving but keeps it a secret from Matt. When she gets back Matt confronts his wife Rebecca Zamolo and she tells him the truth. Matt is upset and leaves, thats when Rebecca finds the laptop and listens to the song he recorded. Did he write this for another girl or is this a roast? How do you think Rebecca will react? hanks for watching my PG entertainment adventure vlog videos in 2019!

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