I SURPRISED my wife with her dream gift *She Cried* (transforming our backyard)

I SURPRISED my wife with her dream gift *She Cried* (transforming our backyard) on The GameMaster.com

Our secret plan is finally revealed, Rebecca Zamolo got emotional!

Matt gives wis wife the biggest gift After Rebecca Zamolo bought her husband his dream car which turned out to be a Tesla, Matt from Matt and Rebecca decides its a good time to turn the tables and give his wife her dream gift. Before he reveals the big surprise he has her do an escape room in house. She remembers the giant hole that the quadrant dug up and the game master worked on filling. We stopped the Red Hood and now this is the perfect time to show it to her. Matt has been planning this for months and today he finally gives her the one thing she has always wanted. Have you guessed what it is?

Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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