i only ate TiNY FOOD for 24 Hours from EASY BAKE OVEN

i only ate TiNY FOOD for 24 Hours from EASY BAKE OVEN on The GameMaster.com

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I tried to only eat “easy bake oven” tiny food for a day for this 24 hour challenge. I made diy mini chocolate chip cookies, cheese pizza, pretzels with cheese dip, sugar candy, and dessert while attempting to bake in a small oven. My husband and i tried this 24hr video before and failed so this time i made sure to order enough supplies off amazon. i really need to learn how to read directions because my mini foods would have turned out much more appetizing and delicious. i was inspired for this challenge after watching british youtuber raphael gomes and my friend cloe couture.
For breakfast i decided to have desserts and made chocolate chip cookies with chocolate frosting and pink sugar cookies for my first meal of the day. I rolled the dough into little pieces then pressed them down on the tray.i did not read the directions and had to cook them twice in the oven. I made cookie sandwiches and then compared the expectation vs the reality of what it really looked like.
Lunch consisted of a tiny pretzel and nacho cheese sauce. These were a lot more challenging and I made them too big. I actually really thought these tasted good! I went to the store to get another afternoon snack of cinnamon twists for a sweet treat.
Dinner was mini cheese pizza and truffles with sprinkles for dessert. The pizzas were my least favorite meal of the day. This would be fun to do with your sisters, mom, boyfriend, or siblings. Let me know if you thought it was a fail and what you want me to try next!

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