HOW TO MUSiCAL.LY Gymnastics with the RYBKA TWiNS

HOW TO MUSiCAL.LY Gymnastics with the RYBKA TWiNS on The

Rebecca Zamolo and the Rybka twins tried making each musically while doing gymnastics and acrobatics for this challenge. Rebecca has training is as a gymnast, and the the Rybka twins sisters are trained professional dancers and acre experts. We thought it would be fun and hilarious to combine our skills and create short gymnastics videos for (Tik Tok) with tumbling, flipping, and learning choreography.You can see our final musicallys on the tik tok app.Be sure to head over and see our Gymnastic Memory Game on the #RybkaTwins channel and see who won ➡️

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We created each video by going to every apparatus and picking a song. We did gymnastics and choreographed acrobatic moves on the floor exercise, handstand on the beam, tried the reverse challenge on the high bar jumping into the foam pit, backhandsprings on the tumble track, and even flips on the trampoline. We brought in “the transition king” Eric to help film transitions for us. It was the
Rybka twins first time on a balance beam and bouncy trampoline but they handled it like professionals! We combined everything we had learned into on final at the end. I have done a muser tutorial with Kristen Hancher and gymnastics with Annie Leblanc, and it was exciting to combine both skills for this collab.

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