Hot vs Cold Creepy Doll Halloween Challenge! Girls on fire Vs Icy Boy!

Hot vs Cold Creepy Doll Halloween Challenge! Girls on fire Vs Icy Boy! on The

It started when Rebecca Zamolo posted Best Dance Moms Wins $10,000 Challenge, before that Matt and Rebecca created Rebecca Faces Her Biggest Fear of Clowns! (Magic Trick Pranks on Best Friend), earlier the game master network made 5 Ways to Destroy A Creepy Doll! Game Master Network. Now we know that the creepy doll has returned and we need to do a hot vs cold challenge. Matt and Robbie Rob are on team boys and think that cold will work as they play icy boys. Rebecca and Maddie think hot will work as they will play girl on fire or girls on fire. Which challenge do you think will work the best? In order to get rid of the creepy doll it might come down to something extreme. Do you think that playing minecraft, roblox or among us will have a secret? In case it turns into a battle royale there will be punishments. Matt decides to trick Robbie Rob because he does not want to be on the same team with someone who has warts. Do you think the ice will work or the hot fire will work? Can we help our best friend Daniel turn good again? Where is the game master and can we trust Mr X? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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