GIANT TRICK SHOT GAME in Real Life Challenge! (Matt and Rebecca Zamolo Vs  Game Master Inc.)

GIANT TRICK SHOT GAME in Real Life Challenge! (Matt and Rebecca Zamolo Vs Game Master Inc.) on The

Rebecca Zamolo competes in the worlds largest trick shot challenge to win the Game Master remote.

After Rebecca Zamolo played the I LOST MY MEMORY PRANK On Husband Matt! (Secret Revealed while Missing for 24 Hours), Matt and Rebecca uploaded Matt BUYING EVERYTHING Rebecca Touches Blindfolded! (NO BUDGET 24 Hour Challenge) and they woke up trapped inside a prison. Today, Matt and Rebecca compete in a giant trick shot battle against the GMI agents to win the challenge and gain control of the Game Master remote. Our best friend Daniel is able to hack into their system and we learn how to start the game. We crawl through a secret tunnel and find a giant arena. We practice our trick shots with a bow and arrow before we find the hidden button to start the game. It turns into a battle royale when the GMI agents arrive and the headquarters go into lockdown. Daniel sneaks away while Matt and Rebecca must be first to hit all five targets. Agent S begins to chase Daniel and it turns into hide and seek by the control panel. Matt and Rebecca lose the first trick shot challenge but escape to another room. They must solve the riddles and use a tennis racket to trick shot the items into the bucket in order to unlock the tunnel. The best friends arrive back at the giant field and must defend the game master to win back the remote. Will the Game Master network win the next challenge and escape the GMI headquarters? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019!

Brainy Actz Escape Rooms Bakersfield –

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