Game Master Pancake Art Challenge Battle Royale to Stop GMI (Roblox and Fortnite) Matt and Rebecca

Game Master Pancake Art Challenge Battle Royale to Stop GMI (Roblox and Fortnite) Matt and Rebecca on The

Matt and Rebecca Zamolo compete in a battle royale pankcake arte challenge like Collins Key to stop the GMI from Hacking into the Algorithm.

After Rebecca Zamolo and Matt tried recreating the Norris Nuts Tik Toks they need to get up to their cabin and continue to switch up the content so the Game Master Incorporated can’t hack into their Youtube channels. Today they are competing in the pancake art challenge just like Collins Key. In the first round they try make roblox characters in real life. When they present them the lights turn off and the printer starts. is there a hidden message? Next they make back to school supplies and the lights turn off again. Is someone hacking into the video? Round 3 they design the fortnite llama. Before you decide who wins Matt wins the battle royale challenge and is able to make one mistake to Rebeccas pancake art. Who wins the husband vs. wife challenge? The last round Matt and Rebecca make the game master mask. The lights keep turning off every time they say GM. Rebecca walks over to the printer and it looks like the hidden mystery message was from the GMI. Are we doing the right thing and should we continue with this format?Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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