Game Master is Safe (New Event Date and Lie-Detector Details)

Game Master is Safe (New Event Date and Lie-Detector Details) on The

After following Rebecca Zamolo, Matt and Daniel helped me escape the Quadrant Headquarters I moved forward with our plans of stopping the Second Event. Also, thank you to Daniel for allowing me to disguise myself as the cameraman quadrant member it was easy escaping. Now we need to start exposing all of the clues we have found. Yes I still wear a mask and am not ready to reveal my true identity but I am not ready to take a lie detector test but I am fully telling the truth. RZ is trying to gain the trust of the quadrant so we need to stop her and see if we can find anything. Tell Matt and Rebecca along with Daniel all of the riddles we have uncovered.

We are working to keep up all the following PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019:


FaZe Rug – I Spent 24 Hours in GLUE & It Was a HUGE Mistake… (Glue Bath)

MrBeast – Surprising Strangers With 100 Zombies – Experiment

Morgz – Last To Survive Zombie Apocalypse Wins $100,000 – Challenge

Dangie Bros – DONT Sink your Boat Survival Challenge!! *DIY BOAT BATTLE*

Many of you have asked if we are Project Zorgo or if we are affiliated with PZ4. No, we partnered with him one time but he betrayed us and he is now considered a rival.

See the Challenge Video

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