GAME MASTER Hypnotized STEPHEN SHARER with ME in Abandoned Tree House Fort (Code 10 revealed)

GAME MASTER Hypnotized STEPHEN SHARER with ME in Abandoned Tree House Fort (Code 10 revealed) on The

Watch Rebecca Zamolo interviews Game Master Spy Stephen Sharer! (Hidden Clues in Escape Room Toy House)
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After Rebecca Zamolo hypnotized by GAME MASTER ( top secret surveillance footage found code 10) and we found the Game Master living under our house in TOP Secret Hidden underground tunnel to spy they traveled to CVX to stay at a giant mansion with other YouTubers. While there, they all received a mystery message on their iPhone from Project Zorgo and had to find a hidden clue or their channel would be deleted. While exploring the mansion, the GM sent a video giving them less than 24 hours to decode a puzzle. Rebecca and Stephen Sharer found the GM’s hidden laptop while in the abandoned tree house fort and Rebecca tried to hypnotize Stephen after hearing code 10. Can you figure out what the secret message is that the Game Master sent?

Keep up with the Game Master and help us find clues:

Rebecca Zamolo got hypnotized by the Game Master using Code 10 she came home to pack for CVX. When they arrived at the giant mansion in Utah all the other creators and Rebecca received a mysterious message from Project Zorgo. Chad Wild Clay decided we should all split up and explore the different hidden locations in the mansion. The GameMaster then sent a video revealing secret clues we had less than 24 hours to find. In the backyard we found an abandoned tree house where Stephen Sharer was also exploring. The Gamemaster’s laptop was inside and as soon as it was opened began to hypnotize Stephen and Rebecca. When Matt and Grace were outside looking for clues and came in to see the hypnosis. Once awoken Rebecca and Stephen split up and she went to search for the final mystery box clue at the bottom pool. When Code 10 was revealed Rebecca turned and jumped like a robot 45 feet into the water. What do you think was inside the mystery box? Thanks so much for watching my family friendly videos in 2018!

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