GAME MASTER HACKS our LAPTOP! is he a Youtuber in Real Life? (CWC & Stephen Sharer Hidden Meeting)

GAME MASTER HACKS our LAPTOP! is he a Youtuber in Real Life? (CWC & Stephen Sharer Hidden Meeting) on The

Solving Top Secret Mystery Clues left by GM!

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After Rebecca Zamolo and Matt tried Solving TOP SECRET Game Master Plans To TAKE DOWN Project Zorgo & CWC in Real Life! (Hacks by GM) it led them to GAME MASTER SPY Tunnel Chase into Secret Hidden Underground Passageway (Matt Missing Escape Room Hideout Clues) Rebecca did a FACE REVEAL GAME MASTER SPY IN REAL LIFE! (Matt in Safe House Escape Room). Matt and Rebecca finally reunited and used their spy ninja skills to trap Santa’s Little Helper in his secret hideout. SLH has been in disguise for way too long and we needed to do a face reveal by taking his mask off. Since Phase 3 was going to be activated in 2019, Rebecca and Matt decided to do an unboxing haul of mystery gifts for a fun ZamFam 24 hour challenge. We opened gifts and the first giveaway prize was an IPad followed by an Amazon gift card. I wish this is what I got for Christmas lol. We heard a noise at our door and found a mysterious gift with a spy gadget device inside. We decided to put the sd card into our laptop. A glitch happened during the video and a hacker took over the channel. We aren’t sure if it’s the real one or another YouTuber like CWC or Stephen Sharer. We then found another video on the Game Masters channel but quickly found out that he blocked us from viewing them in the future. The hidden message revealed a master plan for Phase Three along with unseen surveillance footage from hidden cameras in our house. We will have to use our ninja training we went through at his headquarters in Florida. Do you know what our next mission adventure will be if we join the GM network? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2018!

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