GAME MASTER FACE REVEAL in Real Life! (GM Rescue after 24 hours at Quadrant Headquarters)

GAME MASTER FACE REVEAL in Real Life! (GM Rescue after 24 hours at Quadrant Headquarters) on The

Rebecca Zamolo finally learns the true identity of the Game Master when we unmask him following his last to escape challenge.

▶ Last Game Master clues and riddles to solve:
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After Rebecca Zamolo found Game Master while escaping top secret headquarters Matt and Rebecca learned the E2 date reveal was in April. We rescue the Game Master from Quadrant Headquarters in Real life while our cameraman Daniel hacks the network for a face reveal. Today we finally get to unmask him and do a face reveal to see his true identity! Rebecca and Matt brought the GM to their LA safe house to hide from the quadrant & RZ twin. Even though he didn’t take a lie detector test, the GM answered questions about why he picked the couple for his spy ninja training to defeat the hackers. We finally unmasked him it reveals our cameraman Daniel. Has he been tricking us this whole time for $10,000? We look at the hidden footage on Daniel’s camera that shows they switched lives to trick the quadrant. Matt receives a message on his Apple watch from the real gamemaster. His new riddles lead us to our control room. Once inside, our spy gadget device shows the next YouTuber target is Kurt Hugo Schneider from the Dollhouse. We decide to go to his house to search for clues and the secret device but KHS gives us information that I was there earlier. Hopefully we find the clue quick as we don’t want this to turn into a 24 hour challenge overnight. When I look at his Instagram photo I realize it’s RZ Twin pretending to be me. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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