GAME MASTER FACE REVEAL after Battle Royale in Real Life (Learn how to use Lightsaber with new mask)

GAME MASTER FACE REVEAL after Battle Royale in Real Life (Learn how to use Lightsaber with new mask) on The

Rebecca Zamolo and Matt learn how to use lightsabers in their spy ninja training and discover the true identity of the Gamemaster with a GM face reveal of new mask!

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Rebecca Zamolo was First to Find Hidden Treasure Wins $10,000 (Game Master Face Reveal and New Clues) and Matt and Rebecca uploaded first to break into unbreakable lock wins $10,000 challenge (game master clues inside treasure box) a hacker acquired Rebecca’s iPhone information while trapped in a 24 hour overnight challenge at 3am! Daniel reveals that he saw a mysterious package outside and did a full unboxing. It was a surprise toy inside that the Game Master had sent as a giant toy haul. Rebecca heard a noise up on the roof and it was a member from the quadrant. Mr. Q had the missing iPad for the Zamfam. He is using it so he can start his gamemaster training to join the good side. Today, Matt and Rebecca, Daniel and Q all learn how to battle royale in real life using Starwars Lightsabers. The GM is still missing but hopefully he can join after he hacks into the quadrant to find our location. During training Rebecca and Matt learn that Daniel is an official spy ninja who knows the force. When they all learn how to finally battle a quadrant drone appears from the red hood. Q doesn’t want us exposing his secret identity so we secretly lose the ninja game. The drone escapes just like in an escape room with no GPS tracking device. We decide the only safe place outside of our safe house is the underground tunnel we attended a secret meeting at. We use our iPhones to record our learning progress and the Game Master reveals himself. He finally is taking off his mask and revealing his true identity to us. He says we need to get back home for more training before we are trapped underground. We learn how to defeat the quadrant as our final mission. Do you know now who the real game master is? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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