First Date With Mr X in Disguise to Reveal Secret Gifs and Funny Memes! Matt and Rebecca

First Date With Mr X in Disguise to Reveal Secret Gifs and Funny Memes! Matt and Rebecca on The

Matt has to go on a Date with Mr X to reveal what the secret plans are to defeat the Queen of Gems.

Rebecca Zamolo recently had to switch places with her twin to trick Daniel and it worked but they are both now missing. Before that we had to do an emotional goodbye to RZ twin for 24 hours. And recently the game master network found someone living in our house. Who do you think that was? In order to find out how to defeat the Queen of Gems we need to get in contact with Mr X. Matt says he has been texting him funny memes and gifs. Matt doesn’t realize that Mr X has a crush on Anah the uber driver. The only way to see what his plans are is to reactivate the uber account. Once Matt turns it on his first ride is waiting. It is H1 or better known as Hacker 1. We think it might be Rebecca’s best friend Zoe. Hacker 1 reveals that the clone army is still alive. Matt then gets an alert to pick up Mr X and its the worst. He wants to get dropped off at Starbucks. Instead of watching trending youtube challenges and videos they talk. Mr X has a huge crush but won’t give any information about Daniel or the lake of secrets. He gets out quick and asks Matt on a first date. Matt has to go back and get a make over from the Rebecca and Maddie. Can they find out information about the missing RZ Twin or Daniel? Rebecca and Maddie Spy on Matt to see if the secrets are revealed. What will happen? Can Matt keep his disguise and identity a secret? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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