Escaping the Game Master's TRAP! Exploring ABANDONED TOWN with SECRET Hidden Messages!

Escaping the Game Master's TRAP! Exploring ABANDONED TOWN with SECRET Hidden Messages! on The

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After getting trapped by the Game Master and blindfolded in a mystery car Rebecca Zamolo was taken to a secret location and dropped off. I searched for hidden clues and eventually found my backpack filled with spy gadgets and a map. I also uncovered a message from the game master and had to explore two of three unknown locations and solve puzzles to find a hidden treasure that he stole from me in only an hour. I tried to escape this trap and find Matt without him (or her) finding me.

Keep up with the Game Master and help us find clues:

When I listened to the voice recorder in the mystery box, it sent me to Santa Monica pier. Many of you had warned me it was a trap, but I opened the box anyway. With the blindfold on I did not know what secret location the Game Master was sending me to. When I took off my blindfold it looked like an old abandoned town. I found my backpack and found spy gadgets and a message inside with a map. The Game Master sent me a message on Instagram telling me my time was limited. In my previous 24 hour challenge I was in a pool, but for this I needed to run and uncover clues quickly since I only had one hour. I explored the first location on the map but was it did not have a hidden treasure and I needed to try another one. I realized a drone similar to the one that followed Chad Wild Clay was watching me. It felt creepy like a real ghost was there with me, especially when I heard noises in the bushes. I found my YouTube plaque at the second location and tried to escape by calling my husband (not brother) Matt. When he arrived he was in a brand new car and told me he had a 24hr clue. What do you think the Game Master wants us to do next for the next 24 hours? Thanks so much for watching my family friendly videos in 2018!

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