Emotional Goodbye to Best Friend RZ Twin in 24 Hours! Matt and Rebecca

Emotional Goodbye to Best Friend RZ Twin in 24 Hours! Matt and Rebecca on The GameMaster.com

After Rebecca Zamolo along with Maddie and Matt Slays created Giant Incredibles game in real life they were able to save the game master. Unfortunately they deactivated RZ twin. Earlier Matt and Rebecca let our house control our life for 24 hours straight but unfortunately it didn’t end well. Now they need to figure out how to bring back RZ twin as saying goodbye can get emotional. First Daniel says they might have a chance to bring her back but they only have 24 hours and they are on the last hour. If they can get back through the secret tunnel back into the game master’s lair they have a chance. Hidden inside is they key which unlocks the forbidden cabinet. Inside there is a reactivated but they must work fast. If Rebecca and Matt don’t succeed no one will win. Daniel works to see if he can hack the system with power cables and a new reactivator button. Do you think they will be able to save her or will this be the last time they have a chance to say goodbye? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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