Eating Only One Color Food Challenge for 24 Hours! (Bad Idea) Rebecca Zamolo

Eating Only One Color Food Challenge for 24 Hours! (Bad Idea) Rebecca Zamolo on The

Rebecca Zamolo was trapped in a giant wizard of oz game in real life. Right after that Matt and Rebecca tried making RZ twin good again for the game master network. In order to get Robbie Rob’s memories back he needed to eat red food so today we are only eating one color food challenge for the next 24 hours. Before Robbie Rob arrives at the new house Rebecca tries a viral tik tok trend by using her treadmill and playing Mario kart in real life into the pool. Matt, Maddie, Rebecca and RR start the challenge by eating only red food but Daniel set up a secret spy device which caught the first vision onto the camera. Was that a secret spy code? Next he has a longer vision, does this mean it is working or do different foods give a different reaction. What is the hidden message? A drone which might be evil shows up and Robbie Rob reveals it is one of his biggest fears. Matt decides to become Robbie Rob’s best friend after Maddie tricks him by putting a diy hack into a ketchup bottle. He says he wants Maddie and her crush to date. Do you think this strategy will work and we can decipher the hidden code locked in our new best friends memory? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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