DONT Push the Wrong MYSTERY BOX into the Water! (you decide)

DONT Push the Wrong MYSTERY BOX into the Water! (you decide) on The

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We try not to push a mystery box into water while letting my instagram followers control my life for a day for this backyard challenge. You decide which cardboard box i push into the water without knowing what’s inside while my husband (not brother) Matt hides in one of the two. We also try not to with an iphone and box fort on water based on your suggestions.

In the first round Matt hid in a box while I push then tackle the cardboard box you voted for based on the polls on my instagram stories. We switched roles and I had to hide in the box and guess which one my ZamFam voted for while my husband pushed a box into the water.

For round two we put our iphone into a mystery box. The iphone x is supposed to be water resistant, but we still try not to push the wrong cardboard box so we don’t ruin our phone. You guys voted and control if the iphone gets pushed into the water or not.

In the final round we used watermelon and pizza emoji floaties (rafts) and tried do the box fort on water like Stephen Sharer. This was very challenging and a lot more difficult than we had anticipated because the boxes would slip n slide off easily. We swam in the water and push the mystery box off that you voted for in the insta polls. This is a fun game to play, even in a pond, with your sister or best friend.

Thanks to these guys and girls for inspiring this video:
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