DONT Drop the Wrong MYSTERY BOX onto the Giant WATER BALLOON from 45FT! (you decide)

DONT Drop the Wrong MYSTERY BOX onto the Giant WATER BALLOON from 45FT! (you decide) on The

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We had my instagram followers control my life for a day and let you decide which mystery box I drop onto a giant water balloon in my backyard from 45ft in the air for this fun and exciting challenge. I put out polls on my insta stories and my ZamFam voted on the items in cardboard boxes I had to drop test onto a huge 8ft water balloon. The items you picked from included bunch o balloons ,an iphone and many more! This is part of my summer fun water series.
For round 1 I put out a poll for you to decide which box I should drop from 45ft in the air. This was my first time going up on a lift and I cant believe we were above the houses! You voted which mystery box I should throw onto the giant water balloon while my husband (not brother) Matt Slays watched from below to see if it would pop. For this game Matt didn’t know what number you picked while he put a bag of balloons in one box and just one balloon in the other.
For round 2 and 3 you voted on my instagram polls which box to drop while Matt had to guess which box to put the items in. Round 2 consisted of orange soda and coke. I saw Papa Jake do this with his drop test but I tried to prank Matt by opening the container before I dropped it. Round 3 was between a light bulb and an egg and it got messy.
In the final rounds I had you decide between different items to drop. You voted on dropping a watermelon or a canteleope to see if the giant water balloon would pop. I’ve seen Carter Sharer try this but it was amazing to watch them drop in person then watch the slo-motion video of it. The final items were between a cactus and a flower and Matt did the drop test while I watched from below and filmed the slo-mo.
This was a fun and hilarious challenge, but do not try this at home. We had a professional helping us to make sure we were safe.

Thanks Rocky for helping us with this video! Watch the fun Mystery Box challenge we did with Flip:

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