Disguised as my WIFE Rebecca Zamolo for 24 Hours!

Disguised as my WIFE Rebecca Zamolo for 24 Hours! on The GameMaster.com

Matt disguises himself as his Wife Rebecca Zamolo to trick the Hackers!

After Matt and Rebecca were switching husbands for 24 hours with Cole and Savannah from the Labrant Fam they discovered a hidden card saying they need Rebeccas. Matt came up with an idea that in order to protect Rebecca he needs to put on a disguise and pretend he is her for 24 hours. Rebecca and Daniel decide this is the perfect time to prank Matt. She makes him wear a wig, walk in heels but he soon realizes he they don’t look the same. So they go to a store while Matt and Daniel spy using spying cameras. Nothing was seen so they tried twin telepathy but Matt failed as well. Finally Rebecca goes to her photoshoot and two men in suits and a briefcase appear. It turns into a chase and they run into an elevator. Inside the elevator is a quadrant member who tells them to leave. Will they be able to save Rebecca? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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