Daniel is the Game Master Spy  and takes Lie DETECTOR TEST in real life!

Daniel is the Game Master Spy and takes Lie DETECTOR TEST in real life! on The GameMaster.com

Is he telling the truth about Rebecca Zamolo and the missing Gamemaster?

After Rebecca Zamolo created Last To Fall In The Pool Wins $10,000 or Game Master Clues! (Disney Princess Challenge), Matt and Rebecca uploaded First To Pop Wins $10,000 Challenge (Game Master Spy Reveal New Clues) Matt and RZ needed to get back to the safe house to confront Daniel. Now that his iPhone was destroyed they need to tell the cameraman the GM truth. Will this finally reveal the game master true identity? Who was the last to have this phone?
After 24 hours they Daniel arrives and says he has been spying on us. There have been clues this whole time on his phone now we can unlock them. Since it is Easter maybe they will grab a $100,000 egg prize like Lucas and Marcus. Rebecca has an idea to put the lie detector mixture into his coffee. He tries it for the first time and can’t be a liar. He empties all of his spy gadgets and reveals that Matt has been hypnotized. He attempts to rescue him by hacking into the system and it works when he says the mysterious scrambled phrase. Can they trust him any more as he is telling the truth or was it all a lie? The new target is Kurt and they need to get to him quick! Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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