Daniel Found Game Master Living in our House! (Searching for Giant Clue in Real Life to save Crush)

Daniel Found Game Master Living in our House! (Searching for Giant Clue in Real Life to save Crush) on The GameMaster.com

Matt and Rebecca find GM living under their cabin while searching for clues to save RZ Twin!

When Rebecca Zamolo found best friend Daniel they challenged him to a last to leave the sauna wins challenge but found a giant clue in real life game. That was all after someone broke into our house while searching for Daniel’s crush. They thought they defeated the queen of gems but she escaped after the game master network tried crushing soft and crunching things with their Tesla X. Now Matt, Daniel, Maddie and Rebecca need to split up to find clues as to where the game master is hiding. After searching in all hidden and secret hiding places in their house, they realize the clue is that he is under the house. The place where they did the first house tour. When Rebecca and Matt see the gamemaster he is in the old mask. He tells them that they need to find his brother, Mr X to get a list of the hackers to defeat Al. One of the hackers on his list engineered Al to take over our house and is now a super computer. The GM disappeared as if he was hiding in plain site. There are two clues to a new master device hidden at the two tree houses. If we can find them it will shut down Al for 1 hour so we can take it down. Can we find the devices in time to rescue and save RZ twin? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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