Creepy IT CLOWN Prank on Wife while She is Sleeping!  **BAD IDEA** | Matt and Rebecca

Creepy IT CLOWN Prank on Wife while She is Sleeping! **BAD IDEA** | Matt and Rebecca on The

Matt starts prank wars on his wife Rebecca Zamolo and it goes wrong with something unexpected happens!

Matt and Rebecca Zamolo are being haunted by a mysterious creepy doll. Rebecca and Matt return to the house and start searching for it but it can’t be found. They try to be the first to find it, but it is missing. Matt decides to prank Rebecca with a clown costume surprise from the movie It. Its just like Familia Diamond and Morgz but in real life. He says he is going to get dinner, and while they are separated, he secretly buys a clown disguise. He goes to hide the costume at his house but Rebecca is getting ready to do laundry. Matt quickly says a lie and hides the costume. They talk about Daniel and think he is still trying to prank them. He might not be telling the truth. Maybe he needs a lie detector test. Rebecca falls asleep and Matt starts the epic DIY prank. He sets up secret ninja spy cameras and puts on the costume. While Rebecca is sleeping he sneaks in not at 3am and starts laughing. Rebecca wakes up and is scared. She realizes its matt and then the creepy doll mysteriously appears again! Will Matt and Rebecca be able to uncover the mystery of the doll? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos in 2019!

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