Confronting Our Camera Man about Working for the Game Master (Daniel Gives New Mysterious Clues)

Confronting Our Camera Man about Working for the Game Master (Daniel Gives New Mysterious Clues) on The

When Rebecca Zamolo found out Our Camera Man Finally Does A FACE REVEAL! (Hidden Secrets about Game Master vs Quadrant Event Date), then Matt and Rebecca uploaded Searching for QUADRANT HACKER Spy & Destroying CAMERA w/ Ninja Gadget (Game Master Gift Drop), we finally had enough clues to confront our cameraman in person and see who he really is. When we asked him questions about the game master and the quadrant it didn’t feel that he was tell the truth so feel like we might need to do a lie detector test on him. When we received a mysterious message on his smart watch from the GM we went on the roof to see if he left a hidden message again. Nothing was up there so we traveled back inside and Daniel was missing. We had handcuffed him for 24 hours but he had escaped like in a battle royal. Do you have any questions for him? Let us know in the comments below. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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