Catfishing My HUSBAND MATT to See if HE LiES! (Surprising Secret to Reveal Truth)

Catfishing My HUSBAND MATT to See if HE LiES! (Surprising Secret to Reveal Truth) on The

Rebecca Zamolo decided to catfish her husband Matt to see if he he tells the truth and he actually replied!

After Rebecca Zamolo picked up GAME MASTER Inc. Up in an UBER under Disguise with Matt! (bad idea) Matt and Rebecca posted MATT IS TRAPPED in an Elevator for 24 Hours! Stuck in Most Mysterious Hacker Test Chamber with M2 and he went missing. Rebecca became suspicious of her husband when see spied on him with another mysterious girl. Rebecca decided to search his Instagram because she doesn’t trust him. Matt has been secretly messaging girls and goes to meet one. Rebecca decides to be a spy ninja follows him to the first location. She sneaks downstairs and hears a secret meeting with Matt and a mystery person. The lady gives matt a mystery package and a hug. Who is he meeting? Next I hack into his instagram and he is meeting with another person. This time they are at the bleachers and they give him a mysterious gift and a hug. Finally I decide to prank him by putting on a disguise and having a secret meeting. He didn’t trust me and I can’t reveal his big secret. He runs away and I follow him to the 4th meeting and a member of the gmi agents was spying on him. I rescue him and we try to escape. Who was the person Matt was meeting with?

Thanks for watching my PG entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019!

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