Buying Everything the Hacker Touches for 24 Hours! (Game Master Device Found) Matt and Rebecca

Buying Everything the Hacker Touches for 24 Hours! (Game Master Device Found) Matt and Rebecca on The

Matt and Rebecca follow the Hacker for 24 Hours and have to buy whatever they touch.

After Rebecca Zamolo completed Ninja training for a battle royale on their roof Matt and Rebecca along with Daniel recovered from Matt tricking them into thinking he lost his memory for 24 hours. Now they are able to sneak and follow a member of the quadrant to find the next exchange point. Matt and Rebecca follow the first member into a toy store and watch them pick up three items. Daniel has to split up with them and follow another into a Rite Aid to see what the hacker touches. Quickly after they head to Starbucks and disappear. The game master warned us about this. Rebecca sees them go into best buy and they pick up several toys. They purchase the toys and the quadrant leaves and it turns into a chase on the roof parking lot. Matt was able to track them and they arrived at a Tesla shop. Rebecca stays back while matt uses no spy gadgets to follow into a Starbucks where he sees the exchange. After they unbox everything there is a hard drive to the super computer along with a note which is a clue for the next location. Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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