Becoming Tiny in a Giant Town for 24 Hours | Rebecca Zamolo

Becoming Tiny in a Giant Town for 24 Hours | Rebecca Zamolo on The

Spending 24 hours tiny to find secret clue. Rebecca Zamolo tried sneaking Into Vampire Masquerade Ball In real life but got trapped. Matt and Rebecca then learned a game master secret reveal while camping at 3am. The Game Master network played an Extreme Hide and Seek Battle Royale in Game Master Escape Room. Rebecca and her best friends must become tiny for a day to find a secret message. Inside the upside down room Maddie finds mini brands that look like real food. Matt and Rick Noah want to explore the museum of illusion to find the tiny clue. Matt and Rebecca split up from Maddie and Rick Noah. We spy on a secret meeting of two rhs who are going to the upside down room just like Cloe Couture. Once inside the giant room we are now tiny. After exploring the squad figures out the riddle and start searching for the clue. Do you think we will find the secret in time? Will this 24 hour challenge turn into a battle royal in real life? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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