Becoming a Game Master Agent for 24 hours! (GMI Disguise to trick Hacker) Matt and Rebecca

Becoming a Game Master Agent for 24 hours! (GMI Disguise to trick Hacker) Matt and Rebecca on The

Matt tries to save his wife Rebecca who is missing after a secret meeting with the Gamemaster Hacker!

Becoming Morgz for 24 Hours!

After Rebecca Zamolo uploaded Which BEST FRIEND Goes MISSING First? (Worst GAME MASTER Disguise Wins) Matt and Rebecca created Found Secret Hidden Camera after Lie Detector Test to find Truth, now Matt and Daniel need to become a GMI agent in real life to find Rebecca. Matt and Daniel locate a spy and a hacker down the hall who have the passes they need. Daniel and Matt were able to trick them into thinking a hidden room was a super secret spy room and took their puzzle pieces. Now they were able to re-audition to try to get back into the Game Master Incorporated Headquarters to locate Rebecca. Daniel goes first and can’t recreate the Roblox Dance Moves or the Fortnite Dances and then even tries Minecraft but it was a fail. He then is able to sneak up and take the agent hackers phone. Can they go through the camera roll? Now its Matt’s turn. His challenge is the try not to laugh challenge. It goes well until matt messes up and fails as well. Was this all a prank? When they both get into the waiting room they realize they didn’t get any information but Matt remembers them saying that they have Veronica in the processing station. Once they leave they get back to the Tesla and go through the camera roll. Rebecca’s twin has a video message. Has she been tricking them into a battle royale this whole time for 24 hours? It turns into a hide and seek chase but can they stop this in time? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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