Ball Pit PRANK in the BRATAYLEY Car on the set of Chicken Girls! (Pranking the Leblanc Family)

Ball Pit PRANK in the BRATAYLEY Car on the set of Chicken Girls! (Pranking the Leblanc Family) on The

STEPHEN SHARER is the GAME MASTER! (Lie Detector Test and Hidden Secret Evidence) –
I pranked the Leblanc family aka Bratayley by filling their car and turning it into a giant ball pit. This prank was so much fun to do on sisters Annie Leblanc and Hayley as well as their mom Katie while they were filming on the set of Brat’s series Chicken Girls. After transforming my stairs into a giant diy spiral slide in my house and testing a box fort vs ball pit, I decided to use the ball pit for this surprise video. I watched twins Lucas and Marcus prank their girlfriend and thought it would be hilarious to do on my friends! I called Billy (their dad) and planned to keep this a secret before the big reveal. Billy gave them clues to let them know there was a surprise outside in the parking lot and I was hidden around the corner. They thought fans had discovered their location, but when they ran out and opened the door there was a 10,000 ball pit surprise. Thanks for watching my entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2018! Let us know if you want Billy and I to start Prank Wars!

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