5 Steps Forward Challenge!  Funny Tricks and Secrets of Game Master Network

5 Steps Forward Challenge! Funny Tricks and Secrets of Game Master Network on The GameMaster.com

Game master network try the 5 steps forward challenge but it goes completely wrong!

Rebecca Zamolo recently tried surprising Connor with a graduation on youtube. Then Matt had an accident while doing the jumping through impossible shapes challenges. It turns out he was just tricking everyone. Now they need to reveal each other’s secrets to work on the final challenge which is trust. Conner reveals he has been texting agent R. Maddie used the game master reactivator. Rebecca snuck into the realm early and Matt took something from the gm liar before it was destroyed. During the trust challenge it turns into a 5 steps forward challenge. Matt has to walk into the pool. Connor falls down the stairs. Maddie falls using hacks on the treadmill. Rebecca steps into the dogs stuff. Everyone is upset but the game master shows up and heals Maddie. Finally they start to trust each other and use blindfolds across the last to leave the pool challenge beam. Can we do a trending tik tok during this? What happens next and whats inside the box?

More fun videos –

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See the Challenge Video

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