24 Hours Inside GAME MASTER Inc Headquarters to find Truth! (Hypnotized by GMI) | Rebecca Zamolo

24 Hours Inside GAME MASTER Inc Headquarters to find Truth! (Hypnotized by GMI) | Rebecca Zamolo on The GameMaster.com

Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 hours in the Game Master incorporated headquarters and was hypnotized by the GMI.

THE GAME MASTER is Not Real! GM Face Reveal to prove Truth about Hacker https://youtu.be/TvCV8vUanLY

Rebecca Zamolo was trapped in disguise for 24 hours inside a training facility at the Game Master Incorporated Headquarters. When Rebecca looks up to see who is filming her it looks like its Daniel’s identical twin. Matt and Daniel are searching for the missing Rebecca back at the safe house when a sleeping cloud enters the room when RZ twin enters the room so they can’t escape. Rebecca was able to sneak in a secret spy cam to reveal the truth. In this 24 hour challenge Rebecca has to complete tasks for her training to becoming a new villain. First she must know the secret handshake then complete spy ninja moves. Rebecca must decode the hacker computer. She wants to join the GMI so she can find the truth about her friend. When her training is complete she then is transported to the Gamemaster Inc. office to hypnotize her. The GMI agents set up the Cerebral Analysis machine and complete her mission when the RZ twin shows up with a antidote to rescue Rebecca. The agents then take Rebecca to film her first video. She reveals that they have Rebecca’s dogs missing in the future. During filming the Agent’s phone rings and it’s a mysterious man called Mr. X. Is he the leader of the Game Master Inc? Rebecca escapes and it turns into a hide and seek chase. Do you think Rebecca’s disguise worked or will the GMI trap her? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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