24 HOURS in a Tiny SECRET FORT in my Living Room! (20ft High)

24 HOURS in a Tiny SECRET FORT in my Living Room! (20ft High) on The GameMaster.com

Watch – SOMEONE BROKE into OUR HOUSE! (Trapping Game Master in Abandoned Cave finding secret hidden clues) – https://youtu.be/72H0HPnwJNA
For this 24 hour challenge we found a tiny secret spot in my house, and I built a box fort to sleep there overnight. This hidden location was 20ft high in the air so it was challenging to climb up, and we had to get a ladder to climb up. I put polls out on my Instagram to let you decide and control my life for a day for my activities and games. You voted for me to do a Mystery box challenge and I tried to throw a ball (from my 24 hours in a Ballpit video) into different cardboard boxes. This was my first time doing a challenge for a day 20 feet up high and it was a lot of fun!
To get prepared for this 24hr challenge I made a list of items I would need both during the day and sleeping overnight. I used a blanket and rope to pull up all of the food and blankets into my hiding place. I made diy decorations to help make the space feel more cozy, then did a room tour in my tiny house. Cloe Couture lived in a tiny house for a day and I tried to decorate mine like hers.
I really wanted to get the ZamFam involved and let you decide what I would do next. I did a PO Box opening with boxes and letters you sent me. I also called and facetimed fans using snapchat. I really enjoy getting to know all of you and love hearing your summer plans before you go back to school. I got excited because during this challenge Faze Rug also gave me a shoutout for my Do Not Try to Push the Wrong Mystery Box into the water video. My cousin (not brother) and I are both big fans of his channel and entertaining content.
I let you decide if I should wake up at 3am and if I should try to talk to a real ghost or watch a scary movie. I’m not a professional or medium, but I used a ghost app and EMF meter to communicate with ghosts and paranormal activity.
I had so much fun with this 24 hour challenge and want to find more secret hidden places to go and live for a day. Let me know where you want me to go next!

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