24 Hours in a BALL PiT in my LiViNG ROOM! (you decide)

24 Hours in a BALL PiT in my LiViNG ROOM! (you decide) on The GameMaster.com

Watch – SOMEONE BROKE into OUR HOUSE! (Trapping Game Master in Abandoned Cave finding secret hidden clues) – https://youtu.be/72H0HPnwJNA
i spent 24 hrs in a giant ball pit in my house for this 24 hour challenge and let my instagram followers control my life for a day. I made a huge diy ball pit as part of my fun summer series while you decide what I do overnight and if I should wake up at 3am. It was fun and entertaining so try to do all the dares you guys sent in LOL.
To get my ball pit ready, I had to first install an inflatable pool in my living room. Next I ordered cardboard boxes on Amazon filled multi-colored ball and poured them inside. I didn’t realize how many ball it takes to fill up a ballpit and it took a lot longer to set up compared to my bounce house.
I had you guys in the ZamFam comment dares you wanted me to do on my instagram and i tried to do as many as I could. I even jumped from my staircase into the ball pit. I saw Roman Atwood turn his whole house into a ball pit and jump off his balcony onto a trampoline into it, so I can only imagine that must have taken at least a million ball to fill up. I made musical.lys and had you vote on the song to make my best video to.
My husband (not brother) Matt Slays and I played a game of hide and seek while blindfolded. He decided to prank me by getting out of the ball pit and pretending he was still in it. I guess I deserved it since I started prank wars with him when I filled his room with ball yesterday. Maybe I should do more pranks on Matt like Tianna and do a ball pit prank in her mom’s car. That was hilarious.
In the evening I put polls out on my insta stories and let you decide what I would do at night. I let you control if I if I slept on a pizza or watermelon floatie (from my Do Not Push the wrong mystery box into the water video) while sleeping overnight in the ball pit. You also decided if I should wake up at 3am and try to talk to a real ghost.
This is the perfect challenge to try with siblings or friends and was so much fun! Let me know what 24 hour challenge you want me to try next!

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