24 Hours Escaping GAME MASTER from SECRET Location! (Mystery Treasure Box Found with Hidden Clues)

24 Hours Escaping GAME MASTER from SECRET Location! (Mystery Treasure Box Found with Hidden Clues) on The GameMaster.com

Watch – Spying on GAME MASTER TOP SECRET Meeting! (Details of GM Network Underground Tunnel and Riddles) – https://youtu.be/4DB3Ar6wFdc
After Rebecca Zamolo and Game Master hypnotized Stephen Sharer with me in Abandoned Tree house she then found the Game Master Spy at Abandoned Safe House with Steven Sharer and new evidence and clues were found using spy gadgets. They decided to separate to hidden locations after finding out the professional hypnotist was spying for the GM using Code 10. When Rebecca and Matt arrived to the secret location a mystery box with a lock disguised as a dictionary was found with a map. Rebecca had less than 24 hours to find the hidden treasure box in the ocean or another video would be deleted. She left a spy gadget camera for surveillance footage when they left their hotel room. What do you think the GM wants Rebecca to join?

▶ Keep up with the Game Master and help us find clues! goo.gl/KrEKj9

Rebecca Zamolo was hypnotized by the Game Master to then hypnotize Stephen Sharer in an abandoned tree house using a video on his laptop. They decided to escape to a Safe house but we realized the gm found us after surveillance footage showed the professional (Chad Wild Clay referred) and GM working together. Matt and Rebecca went to a secret location so they could be hidden but soon received a DM on Instagram and a letter from the gamemaster. After searching the room we found a mystery box in a drawer and a treasure map. We had 24hrs to search the beach and ocean for the key to unlock the treasure box. What do you think Rebecca will be invited to? Thanks so much for watching my family friendly videos in 2018!

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